Best Firefly GT800 Handheld Digital microscope review

Product Information

Expert review on Firefly GT800 Handheld USB digital microscope


Firefly GT800 Handheld microscope review

Primary features:


  • 2MP sensor resolution with 1600 x 1200 pixels image resolution and 1600 x 1200 pixels video resolution
  • Powerful magnification levels 15x to 230x (native optical), 15x to 700x (Digital)
  • Illumination source: 8 LEDS fully adjustable light intensity
  • Backed by 1 exclusive manufacturer warranty
  • Portable design and easy to use on terrain
  • User-friendly snapshot button


“Field work is pretty hard without the use of professional handheld microscopes. This is why I always do the research before investing in microscopes for my students. So, discovering that Firefly GT800 represents for thousands of people a useful and reliable research instrument came as no surprise. I always knew that Firefly handheld microscopes offer fun and accurate data quality during various programs. As some of my colleagues pointed out, this microscope works pretty well skin care specialists and also dentists.”


In any field or household activity the presence of professional instruments is more than desirable. Thousands of Americans that work in textile or electronic industry work tiresomely daily in order to identify efficient handheld microscopes. Why? Well, these tiny research tools allow specialists to study the parameters and quality of different objects. As a result the growing need for professional microscopes is not surprising. Portable scopes can also be used by people working with computer parts and their development. Teachers use such research instruments for enhanced studies on living creatures, examining their traits with attention. Recent surveys demonstrated that more and more collectors try their best to find reliable microscopes in order to view coins, stamps and old texts in high magnification levels.

How to find the best handheld digital microscope in 2014? You’ve probably observed that the market offers a lot of microscope models, each bringing to the table different research features. This is mainly good news because now everyone has the chance to find a reliable microscope, close to their immediate research needs. Still, for those that want the best, a bit of professional assistance will a long way. Now, we decided to test 15 of the most popular handheld digital microscopes in the U.S. for a week straight. Each microscope was tested with attention on different types of materials in order to properly determine quality in rendering detailed images. When the test results came through we noticed that one model worked better than others, the GT800 from Firefly! In the following rows we invite you to read the best Firefly GT800 handheld digital microscope review and thus understand what makes this particular model so special.

Regarded as the industry’s most advanced handheld microscope, the GT800 is a great tool in the hands of specialists but also beginners to the microscopic world. Why should opt for this powerful microscope? This ultra-flexible microscope is designed with utility in mind! As a result it comes as no surprise to see the GT800 from Firefly in the hands of thousands of scientists and teachers. First of all this powerful handheld microscope delivers amazing focal depth and clear images, on different specimens and objects. Furthermore the basic package of this microscope includes useful components: stand (1), user manual, calibration tool, USB cable and velvet carrying case (1).


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Advantages of using Firefly GT800 handheld microscope


Full Firefly GT800 microscope review

As you go through the best Firefly GT800 handheld digital microscope review, you’ll understand the basic and extended advantages of using this particular model. The first general advantage relates to research flexibility which permits users to discover new and interesting things right on the ground.

With this portable microscope, the sky is the limit, sort of speak. You will be able to take it around during biological research trips. You never know when you’ll need to take out the microscope to discover amazing things. This model from Firefly will definitely enhance your research creativity and freedom!


Here are the GT800 handheld microscope advantages:


  • Enhanced digital research: the microscope offers up to 230x native optical magnification levels with extensions to 700 x digital.
  • High quality optical design: the GT800 digital microscope incorporates multi-layer glass lenses which ensure stunning focal depth.
  • User-friendly software: this powerful handheld microscope comes equipped with FireflyPro software which permits people to easily manage images. This advanced software allows users to capture, view, edit, measure videos and images without any problems whatsoever.
  • Multi-functional research instrument: the microscope can be used for a wide range of applications that can include electronic repair, textile inspection, and computer inspection, reading aid and also printing inspection.
  • Compatibility: the GT800 is fully compatible with Windows 7/Vista and also XP.
  • Safety: this handheld microscope is FCC, RoHS and CE compliant.

In conclusion

Firefly GT800 digital microscope represents a great addition to anyone that needs a reliable research instrument. Designed with an advanced optical system this model won’t disappoint. Due to its advanced magnification levels, the microscope ensures proper control over the whole research. Stylish and affordable, the GT800 microscope is great to use during different research applications!


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