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Top 5 premium portable microscopes in 2014


Science starts with a curious mind and proper tools to embark on daily quests of explorations. From children, students and researchers, portable microscopes offer a unique connection to the microscopic world, unlike any other research tool. Active individuals will always choose instruments that can expand their scientific horizon and not limit it to a desk. This is why we are not particularly surprised to see so many people search for the best portable microscope in 2014. The truth is pretty delightful; today’s market is more than willing to provide unique and powerful portable microscopes. There are different models with impressive magnification levels that bring accuracy to new and exciting standards. The trick is to identify a product that meets your scientific needs and can fully enable them.

We took the liberty of analysing some of the best portable microscopes available on the market. After 90 hours of online reviews, we noticed that five models responded very well. On this note, we drafted the best portable microscopes reviews in order to help people understand why these products represent a great addition. In the following rows you can read short reviews on good models.


BigC Dino-Lite AM413ZT Portable Digital Microscope 


BigC Dino-Lite AM413ZT review

When it comes to high quality portable microscopes that never disappoint it seems that BigC Dino-Lite has a special model in stored for you: the AM413ZT microscope! Very popular in the industrial inspection segment this model is one of the most affordable but powerful research tools available on the market. It incorporates built-in cross polarization which significantly reduces glare from reflective surfaces and creates a uniform surface detail.

The microscope includes a 1.3M digital camera which can take impressive high resolution stills (1280 x 1024). Furthermore it delivers magnification levels of 10x – 70x and 230x. With this digital microscope anyone can enjoy clean and sharp images on any of the magnification levels selected. It also has user-friendly software DinoCapture 2.0 (PC) and DinoXcope for Mac.


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BigC Dino-Lite Digital Microscope AM313 with measurement 


BigC Dino-Lite Digital Microscope review

Most of the current best portable microscopes reviews underlined the smooth functionality of BigC Dino-Lite AM313. This high quality digital microscope incorporates a digital camera which can be used to take still images of the object studied or videos with a resolution of 640 480 pixels (VGA). It includes a user-friendly software which can improve the measurements people take with the microscope.

The microscope offers precise adjustable magnification of 10x, 20x and 200x. Furthermore this model from BigC Dino-Lite comes with built-in white-light 8 LED illumination system which brightens up any specimen studied. It can be used by technicians and electricians that need a closer eye on circuit boards.


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Dino-Lite AM7013MZT 5.0MP Digital Microscope 


Dino-Lite AM7013MZT review

There are some people that want to find a powerful, intuitive and easy to use microscope. With these three traits in mind, we recommend Dino-Lite AM7013MZT! This high quality digital microscope incorporates 5.0 MP camera which brings new meaning to microscopic clarity. Regarded as the best portable microscope in 2014, this model offers 10x to 240x zoom magnification (completed by built-in polarization).

It also features a useful touch trigger that helps users take rapid images of the specimen studied. The microscope has a durable aluminum alloy housing which makes it able to resist even the harshest of working environments. It is one of the best digital microscopes for industrial inspection, activity which involves the need for high resolution and special polarized light.


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Aven 26700-520 iLoupe XL2 portable digital microscope 


Aven 26700-520 iLoupe review

Most of the current top portable microscope reviews underline the fluid efficiency of Aven 26700-520 iLoupe XL! This stunning handheld microscope incorporates a 2.7 inch LCD monitor which permits people to easily view the specimen studied. The microscope offers optical magnification levels of 10x to 40x and impressive digital magnification levels from 15x to 200x. ILoupe XL digital microscope can be successfully used in the following fields: forensics, scientific research, quality control inspection, archaeology, textile inspection or even forestry.

It has a compact design which allows people to control its features with ease. This microscope incorporates 4 white LED lights with special adjustable brightness that controls with efficiency the illumination system. In the basic package buyers will also receive an adjustable stand, USB cable, carrying case, wrist strap and instruction manual.


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ViTiny Pro10-3 Portable UV/IR/White Light Digital Microscope 


ViTiny Pro10-3 Portable review

Among the best portable microscopes in 2014 you’ll probably find ViTiny Pro10-3 digital microscope. Everyone knows that ViTiny microscopes are among the most innovative research instruments on the market. The Pro10-3 model comes with a built-in 2.8” TFT screen which displays the studied objects. It includes a 2 MP camera with CMOS sensor that allows you to take photos at 1600 x 1200 pixels resolutions or record videos at 640 x 480 pixels.

This microscope includes a spacious 85MB flash memory which can be used to store up to 220 photos. You should also know that the microscope has 3 types of illumination: IR (940nm wavelength), UV (400nm wavelength) and white light (4 LEDs), all with adjustable brightness.


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